Online Training


When it comes to building machines there is stuff you need to know, and there is stuff you don’t. Many suppliers will provide specific training for their equipment, this is important but it does not bridge the gap to fitting it all together. Our training will provide the bridge the gap by showing video examples of how to do everything you need to know.
The training follows a real life example of building a machine including every part of the process and how to do it. The training course covers areas such as:

  • Detailed breakdown of a complicated PLC program showing how it all fits together
  • Video tour of a HMI screen, what should be included and how to include it
  • Pre written example of a HMI screen – just populate the names and its’ ready to go
  • An explanation of a pneumatic diagram, what it all means and what happens in the circuit
    design and implementation of a motion control system
  • How the testing and commissioning process is done, step by step instructions that anyone can follow
  • How to diagnose faults in machines program and mechanically

Once completed you will have everything you need to make some upgrades on existing equipment or build your own automated machine. This course pays for itself the first time you get a supplier to quote a machine and you are able to look over the proposal and make a few key suggestions that will not only give you a better machine that’s easier to maintain, it will also reduce your payback period.

Automation workshop

We all learn in many different ways. Some people like to read about things others have to touch things. One thing’s for sure, the more parts of the brain that are activated when we learn something the much greater chance there is to retain that information. That’s why we run these workshops. It’s one thing to study how to do something, it’s another to actually go through the process of building a machine. That’s what we do in our practical hands on two day workshop, from scratch, with a box of parts; we design, build, program and commission an automated machine.

In addition to this, the teams building the machines compete to achieve predefined KPI’s, with prizes given away to the winning team.

Our concept is to have fun. Our belief is that when we are having fun, learning comes naturally and information retention increases.

Participants in the workshop get full access to the online training program so they can study up before testing their metal on our training machines.

The training covers, the following areas:

  • PLC programming
  • HMI programming
  • Motion control
  • Vision systems
  • Machine design and assembly
  • Wiring
  • Safety systems

There is also plenty of question time where we can go over your application and brainstorm some ideas on how you could build your machine in a more cost effective and efficient way.

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