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Peter is a Mechanical engineer from Swinburne University. After graduation he worked for a leading robot supplier in Australia to learn his trade. Following his passion for control systems Engineering and learning, he moved onto a new role in PLC programming and tech support for another organization. After he gained a few years experience, he moved on again to expand his opportunities to further increase his knowledge of the entire holistic process of designing both mechanical and electrical, building and commissioning automated machinery.

Peter has worked on numerous PLC control systems and robots and has he has installed robots and special purpose machines in Holden and Ford. He has also contributed to installations for various first tier suppliers.

Peter has worked in his specialties of design, project management, programming, and commissioning roles for special purpose machines and robots, on small and large scale installations, all around Australia, New Zealand and China. Whilst on these installations, Peter has developed and implemented strategies designed to increase personal and organisational performance and to enable suppliers to gain competitive advantage.

Peter believes in the value of research and lifelong learning and its application in the manufacturing world. Peter is committed to providing the businesses that he consults for, outcomes which result in a perception of high quality, holistic and value for money.

Peter teaches simple yet effective systems utilizing cutting edge and long established processes for the successful analysis, development and implementation of programs aimed at improving manufacturing for all industry sectors, types and sizes.

Peter’s combination of mechanical and electrical experience give him the edge in understanding what works and what does not work when it comes to automated plant and equipment and robotic systems. Automation answers have a philosophy for creating and supporting clients to create self sufficiency and independence.

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